Have you had to reboot your modem more than 10 times in the past week?

It could be time for you to get a new one or switch internet providers. A Quale's Electronics team member will talk to you about whether you use the internet more for work or entertainment, and help you choose a package that meets your needs.

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Looking for a New Satellite TV Provider in Twin Falls, ID?

Let a Quale's associate help you make an informed decision

We are Magic Valley's local cable TV provider. We offer the best value in TV programming from both Dish and Directv. We will help you find the best offers, promotions and equipment for your needs. After that, we install it and provide the local service you won't get from an 800 number or door to door salesman. Call or visit us today! 733-4910.

We're an authorized retailer for:
  • DISH
  • DirecTV
  • CenturyLink

We can also help you pick an internet service provider. Come in and explore options from multiple vendors so you can make the best choice for speed and price.

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